Our history - Raben INTERTRANS -Raben Intertrans

Our history

Following a path of constant, perpetual movement, we maintain our own discrete and fixed position, guided by reliability and safety.

1981 INTERTRANS is founded in Greece as the branch of a German forwarding company, and begins operating as an agency. Taking steady and methodical steps, we pave our own way in the field of transports, always responding to the needs and desires of each customer.

2000 The new millennium brings about a change to the shareholder structure of INTERTRANS. The new management begins investing in new, specialised staff.

2003 We establish an exclusive partnership in Germany and the Netherlands.

2004 We begin an exclusive partnership in Bulgaria and Romania.

2007 We secure an exclusive partnership in Italy and France.

2010 We restructure the company’s activities in Germany, creating 4 hubs with multiple weekly groupage departures.

2012 In the midst of the global economic downturn, we enter a stage of remarkable growth, increasing our turnover and concluding an exclusive partnership in Spain and South Germany.

2014 We begin an exclusive partnership in Great Britain and Austria, paving the way for sustained growth that will make INTERTRANS a key ‘player’ in the field of European transports.

2016 We recruit additional staff, the company’s organisational chart is renewed and it acquires a new corporate identity in order to combine its image and the modern services it offers.

2018 The company secures an exclusive partnership in Poland.

2020 We create a new branch in Heraklion, Crete.

2021 In October 2021, INTERTRANS becomes a member of the Raben Group family, one of the leading European groups in the field of transport and supply chain.

2022 In June our company, as member of Raben Group, acquires a new name: As Raben INTERTRANS we continue with renewed momentum to ensure our customers fast and reliable transport.