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In order to meet the demands of contemporary entrepreneurial reality as well as the expectations for fast and better service to its various parties (clients, employees, suppliers/contractors, external partners and local community), and while aiming at improvement in both structure and internal communication, Raben INTERTRANS S.A. has decided to upgrade its Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our Quality Management System covers the provision of road transportation services, designed in accordance with the requirements and goals of the company, as set out in the Organisation’s Manual, the Quality Objectives and the Administration’s Review.

The Administration of Raben INTERTRANS S.A.

  • having established all the necessary resources in terms of means and personnel, to realize its Quality Policy
  • having ensured the participation of all its human resources to achieve this end
  • having applied unfailingly its quality policy to satisfy to the maximum the demands and expectations of the interested parties more comprehensively and speedily throughout the duration of their relationship focuses on meeting the requirements of the standard.

At the same time the Administration of Raben INTERTRANS S.A. provides for the most appropriate and effective use of the Quality Management System’s tools so as to ensure continuous suitability, effectiveness and improvement. These tools are:

  • The establishing, monitoring and reviewing of Goals and Quality Programmes
  • Internal Quality Inspections
  • Carrying out Corrective Actions
  • Administrative Review
  • The managing of Hazards, Changes and Knowledge in the Company.

Raben INTERTRANS S.A. has notified its effort to all interested parties and invites them to support it in its mission.